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Review 5 - Vogue

"In the past few years the beauty industry has become a fan of so called 'nutricosmetics' - supplements that boost and sustain the vitality of your skin. We call it edible beauty and you have to know more about it."

Vogue Netherlands
Revier 9 Daan Broeze

Work stress has often showed its negative effect on my skin. Now I found a way to feed my skin from within and I have never felt so confident about it!

Daan Broeze
Manager INTO London
Carolien ter Linden

"I have been taking the Beauty Pearls for a few months now, and I am hooked! It’s the best nutrition for my skin, and I love that it’s vegan too!"

Carolien ter Linden
TV host RTL4


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“Are beauty supplements the magic potion for skincare? It is time to nourish the skin from inside out.”

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“A high-end all-in-one food supplement that works from the inside out for a perfect skin.”

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60 Beauty Pearls – 1 month supply

60 Beauty Pearls – 1 month supply

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