The summer is on her way, the sun power is strengthening and your skin is asking for extra care. Time to get to know: your skin.
20 May 2019

Facts, about your skin

The summer is on her way, the sun power is strengthening and your skin is asking for extra care. Time to get to know: your skin.


Since there are so many skin types, countless different on-skin beauty products and such a variety of external factors that influence your appearance, let’s focus on important and general applicable facts to get to in touch, with your skin.

Sun = damage
A ‘hot topic’ in the summer is the use of sunscreen and protecting the skin from those harmful UV (A and B) beams. Since the sun is responsible for 80% of premature skin ageing1, which makes protection from the sun an important factor in the battle against wrinkles. Not only when the sun is shining, she can cause damage to your skin. Even when you consider it might be harmless to go outside without sun protection, since the UV factor is low that day, think again. Therefore, a cream with a minimal SPF factor of 15 is a daily requirement for everyone to preserve a healthy and young skin. Additionally, most of us use too little sunscreen and miss out on the full protection of the sunscreen. Only for the face, arms and neck we already should use 2 teaspoons of sunscreen2.

Collagen, on the superficial and or in the deeper skin?
Everybody’s skin consists of three layers. The upper layer is the one that we observe, but certainly not the only one we need to take care of. The substance that keeps our skin firm and young is collagen. However, the production of collagen reduces after we turn 30. Collagen is fabricated deeper in the skin and is not easy to help stimulate from the outside in, simply since the molecules of collagen are too big to enter the skin from the upper skin layer. An animal substitute free and vegan option to stimulate the production of collagen from the inside is bamboo extract. Research has shown that bamboo extract contributes to the production of collagen from within, keeping the skin firm, glowing and healthy. Additionally, the use of sunscreen helps as well with reducing the breakdown of collagen3.

Mixed skin asks for mixed beauty care
Combined skin is by far the most common skin type. But, it is precisely the skin type that is difficult to care for. A combined skin consists of more dry and more oily parts. The question arises: do we have to use various products for the dry and oily parts of your face? Yes we do! Fact is that you have to treat both parts of your skin to maintain a healthy look The trick is to keep the dryer parts of your skin moisturized and the oily skin parts in check. For example, only use a moisturizing crème on the dry parts of your face and a toner for the oily skin. Important to state is as well to always have a mild face wash, so neither parts of your skin will get irritated.

Getting to know your skin might be a process. As with age, country and lifestyle the skin keeps changing. Listen to your skin and take care of it accordingly from the outside and from within.



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