08 May 2019

Morning, Rituals!

Early bird or sleeping beauty, we all have it: a morning ritual. Let’s turn the automatic pilot off for a bit and take a look at this phenomenon of the morning ritual in this beauty blog.

Morning rituals may include that serum that makes your hair shine, eating a Pink Lady apple, or drinking that fresh Matcha Green Tea every morning. These little habits prepare you for the day and give you a boost. Changing such a routine is not something that is perceived as easy, unless it makes daily life even more trouble-free of course. The world moves fast and sometimes it is hard to say if your skin receives all nutrients and care that it needs to glow and shine each day. 

To make it easier and more transparent, we explain five quick and easy-to-learn skin care habits and beauty tips/supplies that influence a healthy appearance, in a row for you. 

Starting the day with: 

1.Hydration. Hydration keeps the skin flexible and glowing. Many face creams consist of elements that can hydrate the skin. A hydration booster is Hyaluronic acid, an ingredient frequently found in anti-wrinkle creams.

2.Taking a cold shower! Say what? Yes. Or, at least finish your shower or washing your face with tempered/cold water. This closes up the pores, which makes it harder for dirt to enter the skin and keeps the skin appearing clean and beautiful.

3.Protecting your face. As well from the outside as from within. Use a face cream with SPF factor to protect your face, neck and chest from the damage the sun can bring on the outside. Additionally, a beauty supply supplement helps protecting your skin from within. Your skin absorbs the nutrients in the Beauty , which helps to take care of that healthy look and natural beauty.

4.Adding a (bit more) Vitamin C to your routine. This antioxidant is one of the most researched vitamins related to skincare. The vitamin helps with to create collagen, which keeps the skin perfectly young and vibrant. An orange a day, keeps the collagen in place.

5.Cleaning your face with a mild facewash. Although you were asleep, your skin stays awake. Cleaning your face softly with a hydrating facewash will remove the filth parts that have lied on your skin that night and prepares your face for the start of the day.

Done, done and done. Want to implement these fast and easy beauty hacks and skin care habits in your morning ritual? Try to write it down on a post-it and to put it on your bedroom door for a few weeks. That way, whenever you get out of bed you see those little notes immediately. Easy does it! 

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