3 Month Kit – 180 Beautypearls

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An all-in-one health and beauty supplement that nourishes your skin from within; prevent – care – repair. Beautypearl provides an efficient and effective solution which you can use next to your regular skincare routine. Our product contains the purest and most active ingredients that are carefully put together by DuSart Pharma in the Netherlands. It perfectly fits into a sustainable lifestyle.


No allergens

Gluten free

No added sugar

No colour and flavor enhancers

No preservatives

If you use Beautypearl for the first time, during your first month you will notice a boost in beauty. Your skin is more hydrated, you will look younger and have less visible wrinkles. The condition of your nails will improve, and your hair looks stronger.

We recommend you to take 1-2 Beautypearls a day.

Please note that every Beautypearl kit has a disposable sachet inside to absorb excess moisture.

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