We are all unique; and so is our skin. To know which type of skin you personally have, makes it easier to adapt your beauty regime and stepping up the skincare routine.
11 July 2019

DIY skin-type-test

We are all unique; and so is our skin. To know which type of skin you personally have, makes it easier to adapt your beauty regime and stepping up the skincare routine.

Luckily, our skin types usually fall under one of the five categories that define a type of skin: normal; sensitive; dry; oily and combination skin. Which type of skin do you have and how do you care for it with face creams and other skin cosmetics that fit you? 

Normal skin
Let’s start with the most blessed skin of all: the normal skin.  

·      Your skin glows in a healthy way. No parts of the skin are greasier than the other. Additionally, there are no dry patches on your skin either. It is irritation-free.
·      Pimples are only phenomimes for you.
·      Your pores are small and not directly visible to the naked eye.

Taking care of a normal skin is not very difficult. If it feels good what you’re doing now and your skin feels normal, keep it up. An additional recommendation for the normal skin could be to use a beauty supplement rich in antioxidants[1], which is always good for a healthy glow

Sensitive skin
Your skin’s caring and shielding layer is slowly breaking down, exposing the more vulnerable parts. 

·      Your skin may at times feel itchy, look red and irritated and actually, always needs extra care.
·      Most of the time it feels dry as well. 

The most important recommendation for sensitive skin is to protect the skin and reestablish the shielding layer. Skincare products that focus on rebuilding the skin are perfect for you. Ingredients in those products that are important are, amongst others, ceramides[2]. Ceramides are oily waxes that protect and helps rebuild the skin. 


Dry skin
Your skin feels not moisturized enough and might feel tight at times.

·      Your skin is feeling a little rough 
·      The glow of your skin is minimal
·      The skin gets red and irritated in more extreme weather conditions 

The only cure is to moisturize, your skin needs it to glow and feel soft. The best beauty products for you contain for example hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid retains water[3] and keeps your skin hydrated. 


Oily skin
Your skin tends to glow a little too much and your sebaceous glands work harder than with others. 

 ·      Your skin shines
·      Your pores are visible and appear more open
·      Pimples and blackheads are not uncommon for you

Caring for your skin is more difficult. Drying out the skin too much will make the glands produce more oil. It is, however, key to remove the oil from your skin in a soft and caring way with a facial soap that for example contains BHA. BHA removes dead skin cells and clears the pores[4]. Moisturizing the skin is essential as well, only for you it the beauty products you use cannot contain any oil or oil-based supplements. 


Combination skin
Last but not least, the combination skin. Your skin is characterized by dry, as well as oily parts. 

·      Oily t-zones 
·      Dry cheeks and forehead 
·      The pores in the t-zone are visible to the naked eye

To take care of this skin type means you will have to hydrate on the one hand and moisturize on the other hand. Use an oil-free face cream to moisturize and hydrate the dry skin parts, which does not make the oily skin parts shinier. 

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